Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For the love of....Do it Yourself!

Let's say you want to have a DIY feel for certain things in your wedding....and let's say you are "craft challenged" - which is really a term I coined for myself! Well, here is the answer to solve your problem (if it is a problem! I am sure there are many people reading this that are crafty by nature!). In one word: Etsy. Coming across these DIY kits made my day! My imagination does kick in and I see so many useful ways these items could be used in your wedding! What do you think?

This banner was created for a birthday party - BUT they do custom work! I found this item on Etsy (and I liked the quality!) but BeaOriginal also has a website where you can work out a custom banner! Would be really cute for a candy buffet or Mr. and Mrs.

Are you and your fiance wine lovers? Maybe getting married at a winery is the plan...I saw this DIY kit and thought about these being used as table numbers....or personalize your own label! The wine bottle is not included in this.

Sticking with the candle theme and because most wedding venues are not ok with open flames....these lumie kits (basically they are vellum paper with adhesive strips that you need to just peel the backing off the adhesive and assemble the lumies!) Pretty easy huh? This particular set is for table numbers but the Etsy seller will do custom lumies! Pretty neat!

DIY Message in a Bottle - $10.00 each

I saved my favorite for last! I saw these and! Perfect invitations for a destination beach wedding. Yes, they are a little expensive to be used for invitations, but you don't normally use a lot of invites for destination weddings. I also thought these would be ideal for "Will you be my bridesmaid"....what a perfect little keepsake. These really were my favorite DIY idea...of course, like I said if you are creative and crafty making these yourself would be a piece of cake (pun intended!).


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