Friday, October 29, 2010

All treats and no tricks!

Happy Halloween!! I really love Halloween....I have ever since I was a kid and now I get to experience it from my daughters perspective (she is 4) and it brings back all the fun and thrills I had as a child!

I just wanted to remind everyone (especially all the new people stopping by!) that my giveaway for this month is still going on! Entries will close on October 31st. I won't be tricking anyone....but one lucky winner is in for a super, duper treat! And the treats will keep going long after the giveaway of the signed Cake Pops book from Bakerella...because you will have all the tools to make your own Cake Pops! Yay!

Good luck to everyone who is entering!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty really IS a beast!

The past couple of days I have had a new address. didn't know I moved? Well, I really didn't. It's just been a temporary address - at the mall. You see, I have been browsing the stores for a fancy, schmancy evening gown for the Blissful Wishes Ball, which will be taking place November 4, 2010 here in Los Angeles. The Blissful Wishes Ball is a charity fundraising event for an organization that has become near and dear to my heart, Wish Upon a Wedding. This organization grants wedding wishes to couples who are either terminally ill or facing a life altering situation. So...why is beauty a beast? One word - Spanx.
Have you heard of them? You must have. I have heard of them but I haven't ever owned a pair of these, let alone ever tried them on. So while dress shopping (sort of in a frenzy) the sales lady brought me a pair to put on under the dress. My friend, who already had her Spanx on, sat laughing outside the dressing room, while listening to me grunt, huff and puff to put these on. I asked, kind of out of breath, "How high are these suppose to go?" That comment I think had her on the floor laughing. I was bound up, sitting, unable to move to actually see if she was on the floor laughing, but I think she was. So, I got them on, sort of, and then slipped into the dress. Oh. My. God. It was amazing - not only the dress but the way I looked in it. Oh, did I mention it was even a full size smaller than I normally wear? It was - and it fit. The dress was gorgeous but, I was literally enthralled with how it looked and the shape I now had. I bought the dress and the Spanx. I didn't even look at the price because, really, you can not put a price tag on that feeling. Later, I did look at my receipt and had a little sticker shock - $76.00. My fleeting thought was "Ouch" but, that thought quickly flew out the window when the vision of what I looked like in the dress came into my minds eye.

Dress to get results! Featuring maximum zoned compression, this luxe wardrobe solution comfortably shapes problem areas and accentuates your waistline. Ideal for every occasion when you want to wow! <br><br>
<li>Shapes midriff, hips, thighs and rear for a seamless look</li>
<li>Lifts your rear</li>
<li>Removable straps attach to any bra </li>
<li>Legband-free design eliminates bulging at the thighs</li>
<li>Cotton double gusset for comfort and ease when nature calls </li>
This is not me (I wish - ha!) 

So, I get home and I am still on a high, I grab my husband and show him the dress. He lavished compliments (he's a good guy!) and then I pull out the Spanx. I said "Check out the size of this!" It really looks like it could fit my 4 year old. I told him the dressing room story and then told him that getting into it I REALLY felt like I was a sausage being squeezed into a tube! But, it doesn't matter...I told him how amazing it made me look in the dress to which he replied "You would look amazing in any dress with or without that" (yup...he is a really good guy!). So, the moral of this long tail? Beauty is a beast....and so is getting into a Spanx body shaper...but it worth it!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have you seen...??

Last night, I happened to be walking by the TV and a commercial just started. After a quick walk by, it caught my eye. I saw a high heel shoe on the floor, a mans cummerbund and miscellaneous items panning to a bride and groom. I stopped and looked back but the commercial was over - thank goodness for DVR's! I asked my husband, "What was that about?" and he replied he wasn't paying attention. He grabbed the remote and we watched again! This time, I notice sitting on the bed, still in their wedding clothes, are the bride and groom reading cards and laughing about a check made out to Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So and the groom says something about HIS parents getting a check but then they grab their iPhone and deposit the check into their account! This is a new feature that Chase is offering called Quick Deposit. I was floored! How cool is THAT?! I love it. I grabbed my iPhone, downloaded the app and signed into my account. I had to try this...what a great little tool. I have had a couple of checks in my purse waiting to go to the bank...which I haven't gotten around to doing. Took the pictures, entered the amount and tada! Done. Awesome! 

(not my account or check! This picture taken from here)

There are a few little catches - you can only deposit up to $1000 a day and you have a $3000 limit per month. Also, you need to photograph the front and back of the checks on a non-reflective surface. You must have a steady hand! It was pretty simple, actually. I will get better at it the more I do it! I just thought that was the most fun thing...and I am so excited to share this!! I HATE going to the bank and now...I don't have to!! Click here to read more about this on the Chase website

(this is not me or my phone! Picture taken from here)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A cake pop here...

A cake pop here....a cake pop a cake pop, there a cake pop...everywhere a cake pop! It's true! They are the rage....they are amazing and cute (just like Bakerella!)! The book signing tour goes on - but check her site to see where she has been - and all the people that love cake pops! The smiles are contagious! The giveaway for the Cake Pop book signed by Bakerella and the pretty sanding sugars from Williams-Sonoma is still ongoing! You have time to what are you waiting for???? Click here now!

Before you know will be making...

Sheep Cake Pops

Smiley Face Pops

Turkey Pops

5 Year Wedding Anniversary

While most of you are out there planning a wedding, tomorrow marks the 5th year that I have been married! Talking with friends, I was reminded about the traditional gifts you could exchange on milestone anniversaries. Traditional gifts for the 5th year revolve around...wood. Wood? Seriously. Of course, there isn't any written rule out there that you have to follow these traditional gifts - I am pretty sure my husband doesn't even know there are traditional gifts for anniversaries!! In my search for who even made up these traditions (because seriously...I think a spa gift certificate would be great) I found a site that said the 5th year is cause for celebration because after 5 years wood represents "a five year marriage is strong and durable like wood". Ok, that makes a little more sense! So here are some of my (insert clean, pure, get-my-mind-out-of-the-gutter wood gifts to give my husband) ideas:

Cherish the Little things Primitive Framed Stitchery

Personalized Heart and Arrow Wedding Guest Book Journal Notebook Rustic Cinderella Renaissance Fairytale

Personalized With Your Initial or Monogram Wedding Wood Wine Box Rustic Engraved Renaissance Fairytale Woodland Lake Beach Cottage CHIC Housewarming Bridal Shower 5 and 6 Anniversary Present

Photo Letter Blocks- LAST NAME WEDDING / ENGAGEMENT GIFT- per block price

The next anniversary that offers a "traditional" gift is at the 10 year mark...and that revolves around tin...and/or aluminum. Exciting huh?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Put a fork in me!

I came across these adorable personalized silverware/server ware items and had to share! Etsy seller monkeysalwayslook (and really...when I read the store name I was I now a monkey?!) creates these vintage pieces with any personalized saying. I am ooh-oohing (monkey sound)... For $22? I thought that was a bargain for something you will have forever!

Personalized Wedding Cake Serving Fork or Cake Topper
Personalized Wedding Cake Serving Fork or Cake Topper
Personalized Wedding Cake Serving Fork or Cake Topper
Personalized Wedding Cake Serving Fork or Cake Topper

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Giveaway Time!

Did you notice in my last post I said Angie (the cake pop lady and mastermind of Bakerella) signed my books? That's right! I bought one book for myself and one for a lucky blog reader!! While I was waiting for my number to be called (I was 85 of like 300) I browsed all the shelves at Williams-Sonoma. I picked up quite a few goodies to get started on testing out my cake pop skills...but I was thinking of my dear readers as well! 

So, here is what you could win this month:

Cake Pops - The Book!
Signed by Bakerella (here she is signing my copy!) is the 2nd copy signed for you!

The lucky blog winner will also get 4 Sanding Sugars from Williams-Sonoma
Colors are: Red, Black, Pink and White

  • You must choose to follow my blog PUBLICLY
  • For a SECOND entry blog about this contest and leave an ADDITIONAL comment to let me know you did that with a link to the post (I will check!)
  • For a THIRD entry twitter about this contest and leave an ADDITIONAL comment to let me know you did that with a link to the post! You can find my twitter page here
5 BONUS ENTRIES: Grab my Blog Button and add it to your page (leave an additional post with link to let me know you did this!) and get FIVE bonus entries!

As always, you can get 8 entries into this giveaway! Yay!

This giveaway will end on: October 31st at 5pm PST and the winner will be posted shortly there after!

What you win: 1 signed copy of Cake Pops and 4 sanding sugars from Williams-Sonoma

Value of giveaway (including shipping to winner): $60.00

This giveaway is open to only those who reside in the US 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meeting the Cake Pop Pioneer

Today, was an interesting day! I made it down to South Coast Plaza to Williams-Sonoma because Bakerella was doing a book signing and demonstration (at least that was what the email said). I walk into the store, which already has 80 people standing around waiting for the Cake Pop lady herself...only to be told there isn't a demo (bummer! I thought we would get to sample cake pops!) but instead a 15 minute Q & A session. Ok, well I can stand in the crowd to get a glimpse of baking royalty! 

There she is! Beautiful, fun and oh so...sweet! Her name is Angie Dudley and she is the pioneer of the cake pop...those wildly popular 2-bite cake balls on a stick! She doesn't sell them direct, but she does show you and tell you how to make them - on her blog and in her new book.

She gave some helpful hints on things to use like:

Gourmet Writer 

Food Decorator Pens

Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens, Assorted Colors, Set of 10

You will also need some sucker sticks. These are fairly inexpensive:
6 X 5/32" SUCKERSTICK Paper Sucker Lolly Lollipop Sticks 50 Count

It was great to hear her talk about them - and see how excited everyone was to make them (myself included!). I bought all the little goodies I could find at Williams-Sonoma and this will be my project for Halloween! Here's a pic of Angie signing my books!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vintage Wedding

The vintage theme is still hot for modern weddings! I like the look and feel of the vintage touches added to weddings - the palettes are usually very soft and feminine. For example, this wedding gown has a gorgeous back with cascading ruffled lace:

The gown looks gorgeous with the multiple strands of ivory pearls, but the back has a rhinestone clasp so either jewels would pair up with this gown. Some other favorite finds in this color scheme:

Also found this little cute FREE Vintage Save the Date card on

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No matter how you look at it....if you are planning a wedding HE will be the MR and SHE will be the MRS! I have found a few items to show off those new titles you will forever be known as...

MR and MRS Gift Set .. silver cuff links and crystal dangle earrings

Mr. and Mrs. Sweetheart table letters for a wedding- Custom colors


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cake Pops

I am totally in love with cake pops! I actually ordered some from My3lilcupcakes to give out as "Thank You" favors at my daughters 4th birthday party! It seems like they are gaining in popularity too! When I first heard about Cake Pops it was while reading a blog that mentioned Bakerella. I fell in love with these little guys from there. Bakerella focuses on fun and easy baking. You will find recipes, desserts, decorating and lot's of directions on how to do it these:

Wedding Cake Pops

Which you can turn into this....
Will You
Will  You Marry
Will You Marry Me

Pretty cute huh? Do you want to attempt these? The recipe and directions can be found here! So, I bet you can imagine how excited I was to get an email from Williams-Sonoma telling me that Bakerella was doing a book signing and demonstration at their South Coast Plaza (Orange County, Calif) store on October 11th! If you want to see if Bakerella will be in your area - check the schedule here!

And the winner is.....

Thank you all for entering our giveaway! We are very happy to announce that picked the winner....I know, I's an easy way to get a winner - they do all the work! ;) So, while I know you are just checking to see if YOU won....well, you did if you made THIS comment:

TheCuttingEtch said...
TheCuttingEtch1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Congrats to you! Now, just send me a little email with all your info and I will get the little hankie mailed right out. You hanger will take a little bit of time to be made by LilaFrances - so also let me know what you want from her shop so I can get it ordered right away! ~~~~~Congrats Again!~~~~~

Monday, October 4, 2010

More Goodies to bid on - Brooch Bridal Bouquet

I was just looking at more auctions on the Wish Upon a Wedding Bid for Good Auction and came across two auctions I think you should really look into! Amanda Heer from Fantasy Floral Designs has 2 auctions available. Amanda makes super, duper gorgeous brooch bouquets like this:

I am in love with these - I think they are a conversation starter for sure....and they will last a lifetime. Pretty good for a bridal bouquet. This bouquet has a value of $800.00 but the opening bid is only $70.00!

Here are some more amazing bouquets from Amanda Heer:

The second auction on Bidding For Good has the value at $1200.00 and an opening bid of $75.00! I say check them out....they are gorgeous!!!