Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have you seen...??

Last night, I happened to be walking by the TV and a commercial just started. After a quick walk by, it caught my eye. I saw a high heel shoe on the floor, a mans cummerbund and miscellaneous items panning to a bride and groom. I stopped and looked back but the commercial was over - thank goodness for DVR's! I asked my husband, "What was that about?" and he replied he wasn't paying attention. He grabbed the remote and we watched again! This time, I notice sitting on the bed, still in their wedding clothes, are the bride and groom reading cards and laughing about a check made out to Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So and the groom says something about HIS parents getting a check but then they grab their iPhone and deposit the check into their account! This is a new feature that Chase is offering called Quick Deposit. I was floored! How cool is THAT?! I love it. I grabbed my iPhone, downloaded the app and signed into my account. I had to try this...what a great little tool. I have had a couple of checks in my purse waiting to go to the bank...which I haven't gotten around to doing. Took the pictures, entered the amount and tada! Done. Awesome! 

(not my account or check! This picture taken from here)

There are a few little catches - you can only deposit up to $1000 a day and you have a $3000 limit per month. Also, you need to photograph the front and back of the checks on a non-reflective surface. You must have a steady hand! It was pretty simple, actually. I will get better at it the more I do it! I just thought that was the most fun thing...and I am so excited to share this!! I HATE going to the bank and now...I don't have to!! Click here to read more about this on the Chase website

(this is not me or my phone! Picture taken from here)


  1. Dude! I thought the very same thing when I saw that commercial! Wish my bank had it...