Thursday, October 21, 2010

5 Year Wedding Anniversary

While most of you are out there planning a wedding, tomorrow marks the 5th year that I have been married! Talking with friends, I was reminded about the traditional gifts you could exchange on milestone anniversaries. Traditional gifts for the 5th year revolve around...wood. Wood? Seriously. Of course, there isn't any written rule out there that you have to follow these traditional gifts - I am pretty sure my husband doesn't even know there are traditional gifts for anniversaries!! In my search for who even made up these traditions (because seriously...I think a spa gift certificate would be great) I found a site that said the 5th year is cause for celebration because after 5 years wood represents "a five year marriage is strong and durable like wood". Ok, that makes a little more sense! So here are some of my (insert clean, pure, get-my-mind-out-of-the-gutter wood gifts to give my husband) ideas:

Cherish the Little things Primitive Framed Stitchery

Personalized Heart and Arrow Wedding Guest Book Journal Notebook Rustic Cinderella Renaissance Fairytale

Personalized With Your Initial or Monogram Wedding Wood Wine Box Rustic Engraved Renaissance Fairytale Woodland Lake Beach Cottage CHIC Housewarming Bridal Shower 5 and 6 Anniversary Present

Photo Letter Blocks- LAST NAME WEDDING / ENGAGEMENT GIFT- per block price

The next anniversary that offers a "traditional" gift is at the 10 year mark...and that revolves around tin...and/or aluminum. Exciting huh?

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I love that wooden note book!! SO cute! :)