Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beauty really IS a beast!

The past couple of days I have had a new address. didn't know I moved? Well, I really didn't. It's just been a temporary address - at the mall. You see, I have been browsing the stores for a fancy, schmancy evening gown for the Blissful Wishes Ball, which will be taking place November 4, 2010 here in Los Angeles. The Blissful Wishes Ball is a charity fundraising event for an organization that has become near and dear to my heart, Wish Upon a Wedding. This organization grants wedding wishes to couples who are either terminally ill or facing a life altering situation. So...why is beauty a beast? One word - Spanx.
Have you heard of them? You must have. I have heard of them but I haven't ever owned a pair of these, let alone ever tried them on. So while dress shopping (sort of in a frenzy) the sales lady brought me a pair to put on under the dress. My friend, who already had her Spanx on, sat laughing outside the dressing room, while listening to me grunt, huff and puff to put these on. I asked, kind of out of breath, "How high are these suppose to go?" That comment I think had her on the floor laughing. I was bound up, sitting, unable to move to actually see if she was on the floor laughing, but I think she was. So, I got them on, sort of, and then slipped into the dress. Oh. My. God. It was amazing - not only the dress but the way I looked in it. Oh, did I mention it was even a full size smaller than I normally wear? It was - and it fit. The dress was gorgeous but, I was literally enthralled with how it looked and the shape I now had. I bought the dress and the Spanx. I didn't even look at the price because, really, you can not put a price tag on that feeling. Later, I did look at my receipt and had a little sticker shock - $76.00. My fleeting thought was "Ouch" but, that thought quickly flew out the window when the vision of what I looked like in the dress came into my minds eye.

Dress to get results! Featuring maximum zoned compression, this luxe wardrobe solution comfortably shapes problem areas and accentuates your waistline. Ideal for every occasion when you want to wow! <br><br>
<li>Shapes midriff, hips, thighs and rear for a seamless look</li>
<li>Lifts your rear</li>
<li>Removable straps attach to any bra </li>
<li>Legband-free design eliminates bulging at the thighs</li>
<li>Cotton double gusset for comfort and ease when nature calls </li>
This is not me (I wish - ha!) 

So, I get home and I am still on a high, I grab my husband and show him the dress. He lavished compliments (he's a good guy!) and then I pull out the Spanx. I said "Check out the size of this!" It really looks like it could fit my 4 year old. I told him the dressing room story and then told him that getting into it I REALLY felt like I was a sausage being squeezed into a tube! But, it doesn't matter...I told him how amazing it made me look in the dress to which he replied "You would look amazing in any dress with or without that" (yup...he is a really good guy!). So, the moral of this long tail? Beauty is a beast....and so is getting into a Spanx body shaper...but it worth it!!!


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