Monday, October 4, 2010

More Goodies to bid on - Brooch Bridal Bouquet

I was just looking at more auctions on the Wish Upon a Wedding Bid for Good Auction and came across two auctions I think you should really look into! Amanda Heer from Fantasy Floral Designs has 2 auctions available. Amanda makes super, duper gorgeous brooch bouquets like this:

I am in love with these - I think they are a conversation starter for sure....and they will last a lifetime. Pretty good for a bridal bouquet. This bouquet has a value of $800.00 but the opening bid is only $70.00!

Here are some more amazing bouquets from Amanda Heer:

The second auction on Bidding For Good has the value at $1200.00 and an opening bid of $75.00! I say check them out....they are gorgeous!!!