Saturday, September 3, 2011

Get your Hollywood Makeover - Online!

Today, I have been playing around with this online tool from InStyle Magazine. It's called the Hollywood Makeover and it is totally fun addicting! If you want to play around with your wedding day look this is the place for you - now you don't have to have multiple trials with your hair and makeup girl! You just upload a picture of yourself and away you go! You can choose from options like hair, makeup - including lips, eyes, skin or do the whole package with the complete look! I uploaded a picture and tried out different hairstyles - I really liked Katie Holmes hairstyles and even one using Michelle Obama's hair style looked pretty good on me! Just for fun, I opted to let the hubby see how I would look with long hair using Kim Kardashian! Here are my looks:

Go check it out here! It's a lot of fun! A few other sites have something similar but, I found Instyle to be more user friendly! Who is your favorite celebrity?


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