Monday, November 14, 2011

A $50k Wedding Giveaway? Yes, it's true if you are getting married in Minnesota!

Would you plan a destination wedding to....Minnesota? 
Well, why not if you won this 2012 Twin Cities Wedding Services Giveaway headed by featured photographer Erin Johnson Photography. This giveaway is the ultimate wedding package for one lucky couple. If you’re getting married near the Twin Cities area (like Minneapolis or Saint Paul) or know of someone who will be, this is the perfect contest to take part in. What could be better than winning wedding services now worth over $50,000! The lucky couple will be chosen by Erin Johnson Photography on December 1st, 2011. Check out this awesome list of Twin City Wedding Vendors and find out how to enter after the jump.
twin cities wedding giveaway
Here's the first step to winning the giveaway: Simply send  an email! 
2012 wedding giveaway
This is a HUGE giveaway for one very lucky couple getting married in 2012 in the Twin Cities area. Currently, the giveaway is valued at over $45,000! And...they are still adding vendors!
Click here to see what the lucky couple will win if their names are drawn! 

Are you {or someone you know} already participating in our 2012 Wedding Giveaway?'s how to earn more chances in the giveaway drawing... 
twin cities wedding

twin cities wedding
Here are the details all spelled out:

The winning couple will be determined in a drawing and will be announced on December 1, 2011. Couples receive one entry into the drawing by entering their picture and proposal story.

 Click here to see more about entering this giveaway.

While the couple are entered in the drawing by sending their picture and proposal story, they can earn more chances by having their friends and family "like" a participating vendor's facebook page, and then commenting on the couple's photo in the "2012 Wedding Giveaway" album posted on each of the participating vendor's facebook pages {doing these two things are also known, above in the images, as combos}. Commenting is as vital as "liking" the particpating vendor's page as it is the only way for us to know which couple should benefit from the "like" with an extra entry into the giveaway drawing.
We will can only count the "combos" that happen between 10am {Minnesota Time} on November 1, 2011 and November 30, 2011.
Participating couples are not required to do anything on facebook to be entered into the giveaway. Couples are already entered into the giveaway when they sent their photo and proposal story to
Now, I'm sure you're thinking: how in the world are they going to keep track? Well, our staff and interns are going to keep track!  Our staff and interns will validate the combos and write your name on the additional entry slips! Thank goodness for our amazing interns!
It is important to note that facebook is not at all a partner in this giveaway. We are simply asking you to like the participating vendors’ facebook pages.
Please don't use the word "vote" on facebook. They are very strict about their contest policies and we are being very careful to follow their policies. This is a giveaway and it is only acceptable to facebook for us to ask you to "like" our pages. The commenting under your photo is simply to know which couple the "like" should benefit.
If you have any questions about this contest, than head over to Erin Johnson Photography for the details. Join the 2012 giveaway fray today!
Bridal Gown Blog is happy to help promote this contest and is in no way responsible for this contest or the prizes awarded.
A lot of work? You bet! Totally, awesomely worth it? HECK YEAH! Good luck! :)


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