Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here's some help for writing Thank You notes!

One of the things you will do through out the process of getting engaged to getting married is write a whole bunch of "thank you" notes! A couple will have hosted for them: an engagement party, a bridal shower and then the wedding it self that people will purchase gifts for them and it is customary for a note of thanks be written for each of these gifts.

Thank you notes should be personal and always hand written. So what do you do if you are not a good writer or what about if you are just stumped for what to say after writing your 100th note? One thing you can do is visit Emily Easton's Thank You Notes website. From crockpots to cash, from sheets to salad bowls, Emily has done the work for you. You will find over 70 items she has put words of thanks to and it'all free for brides and grooms to use. Emily doesn't sell stationery and she doesn't actually write the notes for you - she just provides brides words to copy or ideas you can use! Check it out if you are needing some helpful tips on what to say or how to say it!


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