Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Realistic Time Line

Having owned a bridal salon and working with 100's of brides it was pretty shocking how many people did not realize the time frame for ordering a gown! Unless you want to buy off the rack - which I suppose has its own merits for some. Personally, I want my gown to be brand new - never tried on! So, what is a realistic time line? You need to find the dress, order it, alter it and get all kinds of accessories for it. My rule of thumb is more time = less stress time.

6–8 months

  • Perfect time to order your dress. It takes about 3 months to get your dress in once it's ordered. You can always get it sooner with Rush Shipping but why pay more?
  • Ask if you can get a swatch of fabric from your dress (if you are not getting a white gown) so that you can match shoes and other accessories.
  • If the shop had the dress as a sample ask if you can take photos of you in the dress - this will make shopping for accessories and choosing your hairstyle easier.

3–6 months

  • Shop for your accessories: Yes...there are a lot of little extras you need to complete the dress!
    Bra/panties - most dresses will require a special bra and you need to have it for your 1st fitting
    Hosiery - if you are not opting to wear flip flops
    Headpiece/Veil - this will be based on your bridal hair style
    Petticoat/slip - if you have a ball gown dress you NEED the special slip. You also need it for your 1st fitting so that your hem can be done properly.

    Optional Accessories:
    Wrap or shawl

2–3 months

  • Time to make the appointment for your first fitting; bring your shoes, lingerie and accessories with you.
  • Attend your final wedding-dress fitting.

1-2 weeks

  • Pick up your wedding dress. Try it on one last time before you leave the salon/seamstress to make certain that it fits just right.


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