Tuesday, November 24, 2009

True Confessions of a 3 Dress Bride (Part 2)

So, I had purchased my first dress and was pretty excited until the Spring season hit. The bridal industry has 2 seasons: Spring and Fall. With that came a new round of dresses! Uh oh. The new "trend" in wedding gowns was a tea length gown. I fell in love with several of them and started wondering how I could incorporate one of them into my wedding! The thought occurred to me - did I REALLY want to wear a heavy gown through- out the day and evening? Well, that answer was easy: no! So, I purchased my 2nd gown, which I called my "Reception Gown." It was Alfred Angelo, style 1947. The only problem I had was I really did not want a strapless gown! Once the gown came in though I loved it! It was so cute and I felt so "free" from the trappings of a full ball gown bridal dress. After all, how many times do you actually run around in an extra 5 pounds of dress? So I started talks with my seamstress about how we could handle this strapless situation and we determined I could either add sleeves to the gown or get a shawl. Both very good options!


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