Wednesday, November 25, 2009

True Confessions of a 3 Dress Bride (Part 3)

I was going to save my final confession for another day but find myself wanting to share so many things that I figured while I am on a roll I should just finish it up now! While this blog is about BRIDAL GOWNS I have so many ideas, thoughts and things I want to share I just need to finish this little true confession so I can move onto other things!

The conclusion of my confession....

So, I now have 2 bridal gowns and honestly was not shopping for a third (do you believe me?). I saw a picture of a gown that was NOTHING like I thought I would want! It was the Capri Marie from Maggie Sottero. First of all, I did not want a strapless wedding gown!! How could I fall in love with another strapless gown? Secondly, I had never tried it on. I know so many brides (engaged and now married) that say I have to try on a gown before I know it's "me". I have to disagree. I saw a picture of this gown and just knew it would be perfect. Keep in mind, I am the person who has seen 1000's of dresses, how is it possible for one to make me feel this way? I don't have the answer to that....women are born with this intuition and my radar was going off on this dress. I ordered it and the day it came in and I tried it on for the first time - I cried!! I couldn't believe how amazing I felt in it. Now, I had a huge dilemma! I had 3 wedding dresses! I knew I couldn't wear all three...that would just be crazy! But, I could still narrow it down to a Ceremony Gown and a Reception Gown. I decided the Capri Marie would be my Ceremony Gown and the tea length gown was still my only choice for the Reception Gown. How to incorporate the sleeves I so loved on my first gown? Well, I took the advice of my seamstress and we added them to the Reception Gown. The result? Perfect! I was able to bring together all three of the gowns I loved and I was finally a happy bride! :)

Kerrie (me) and my Maid of Honor
Me and my silly hubby who is mimicking Elvis Presley ("that's right momma!")

 This pic shows my 2 dresses combined: My tea length strapless (dress #2) with sleeves (dress #1)


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