Sunday, March 27, 2011

Banner Art

Talking about the two new banners from Lisa Leonard inspired me! I went on a hunt to find other banners that could have many uses for a wedding (and then can be used after!) - I love how they add a personalized aspect to weddings. If you are a crafty, DIY bride you could probably make these but, for me? I would much rather find something that LOOKS like I made it! I am just not good with scissors, sewing, and paper...thankfully, others are! I love the look and feel of having homemade items to personalize your wedding! I also love that these can be used in your home after the wedding! There are so many things you purchase for a wedding that are "one time use" so, anything you can buy for a wedding that has a use AFTER the big day is good for me!  Here are some fun banners I was able to find:

String of Words Alphabet Discs - 12.99

String of Words Alphabet Discs

This set has many uses! You get 36 thick, sturdy paperboard circles printed with letters reproduced from Victorian wood type and equipped with metal grommets, as well as a ribbon to tie these letters together! Make anything you want....over and over! Perfect price for a banner that you can use at the wedding, reception and then at home!

Love Red Glitter Burlap Banner - 26.00
LOVE red glittered cream burlap banner

I have blogged about this Etsy store before....and even hosted a giveaway with her! So, you know I absolutely love her things! (I giveaway things I am in love with and would want for myself! ;) haha). Anyway, I just think her designs are great! They are all handmade and from working with her in the past I can tell you she is SO NICE too!

MR. and MRS. wedding chair hanger signs - 10.00
MR. and MRS. wedding chair hanger signs CUSTOMIZE to your wedding colors / Decorative rhinestones and ribbons

Fun Mrs. and Mr. chair banners have a vintage look and are accented with little rhinestone details. The ribbon colors can be changed to match your wedding theme. I thought the price was perfect for two!


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