Monday, March 7, 2011

The Costco Connection

Do you think it's far fetched that Costco would jump into the wedding business? I am not that surprised - when it comes to throwing a big party I know that Costco is on my list to shop at. I will admit to even checking out the engagement rings while shopping at my local Costco - they have some pretty amazing rings!! This Princess Cut 1.5 carat ring is $3299.99

Princess Cut & Round Brilliant Ring (1.50 ctw)

The Association for Wedding Professionals, says that a couple in the United States will spend $19,581 (between $14,686 and $24,476) for their wedding, not including the cost for a honeymoon or an engagement ring. If you are already married you probably already know that. Costs for a wedding add up - quick! So, Costco put out a call to their members and got (according to their article) hundreds of emails and letters about how brides and grooms used Costco services to save on their wedding. One bride even found her groom there (he worked there! haha). Other people sited their invitation prices. Their website states you save 25% off retail prices but, I still think you could get away with doing your own invites for less! 

Red Rose Collection

You have to have flowers too...and Costco has you covered on that! They have money saving packages! Prices include shipping (but you have to add sales tax!)

40 Piece Wedding Collection fir $749.00 includes:
  • 1 Bridal bouquet
  • 1 Maid of Honor bouquet
  • 4 Brides Maid bouquets
  • 1 Toss Away bouquet
  • 2 Mothers petite hand-tie
  • 12 Corsages
  • 12 Attendant boutonnieres
  • 6 Centerpieces  (vases not included)
  • 10 Rose Petal buds

20 Piece Wedding Collection ranges from $349.99 - $429.99 includes: 
  • 1 Bridal bouquet
  • 2 Brides Maid bouquets
  • 1 Toss Away bouquet
  • 6 Corsages
  • 6 Attendant boutonnieres
  • 3 Centerpieces  (vases not included)
  • 1 Rose Petal bud   
9 Piece Wedding Collection for $229.99 includes:
  • 1 Bridal bouquet
  • 2 Brides Maid bouquets
  • 2 Corsages
  • 4 Attendant boutonnieres 
And what would a wedding be without a bridal gown? Costco also sells wedding gowns via 

Kirstie Kelly. I have never seen or even heard of one these special events being held at my local Costco....but if you have or if you have been to one LEAVE A COMMENT! I want to know how it went! Special events are held at Costco locations - complete with:

• A private, salon-style fitting area with three-way mirrors and experienced bridal consultants
• Six exclusive styles of gowns in sizes ranging from 2 to 24
• Samples of each dress to try on, with multiple sizes per sample
• Limited selection: Only 108 gowns will be available at each Special Event
• This is a cash-and-carry purchase; buy it when you see it
• Fingertip- and cathedral-style veils will be available
• Appointments are recommended; go to and search “wedding dress.”
• Savings start at 40 percent of retail

Check Costco's event schedule to see if this might be your perfect fit! This wouldn't be my cup of tea for a wedding but, I have to admit, I do see the cost savings on using Costco for some wedding things! What are your thoughts?

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  1. Great post, Kerrie. Costco might have great deals on stuff we use everyday and I love shopping there....but.....I think buying a wedding dress should be a special event. Its the most special dress you will ever buy. If the wedding dresses are a true under a couple of hundred dollars, I say go for the bargain. If they aren't, head to your local bridal salon and check out their sale rack for real savings.

    And...I love, love, love the ring.
    Weddingzilla! Rose :)