Sunday, March 13, 2011

A slice of (paper) cake

It's been awhile since I have checked in on one of my favorite Etsy sellers: ImeonDesigns. In fact, it was in November of last year! You can read the post here. She creates beautiful paper cake boxes that you can order by the slice or as entire cake. Each design is completely handmade - including all the paper roses. Since I last checked in, Noemi has created more stunning designs and I love them all:

You want something unique and breath-taking to hold little thank you gifts for your bridal party, for the bridal shower or for the wedding. And then you see it; a gorgeous chocolate cake with colorful flowers delicately decorating each slice. It’s perfect! Each slice is $4.75 or you can message her for the entire cake!

You mean cakes come in another "flavor"?? Oh yes, they do....this creamy cake slice is a favor box with delicate and lovely blue toned flowers! The price for one slice is $3.50

Each cake slice is cut, pasted and put together by hand. Each flower starts off as a flat piece of paper and is twisted and turned until it comes to full bloom....and they do bloom....beautifully! I just love these. Very different, very special and something your guests will treasure as a thank you! Contact Noemi (her Etsy shop name is her first name backward!) and have a chat! She is a super, duper nice woman! I know this because we had an opportunity last year to do a giveaway with her and it was such a huge success! I think we are going to have to do something similar soon...what do you think Noemi??


  1. Very nice! Excellent box for sweet gifts.

  2. omg, those are so cute! I definitely have to check her etsy site out!!!