Saturday, June 18, 2011

Anchors Aweigh - Nautical Theme Wedding Ideas

If you are planning a wedding on a boat - and what a perfect summer venue that would be! This post is for you! A friend of mine always tells us to "come out on his boat" and hopefully, this summer, we will be able to finally do that!! Also, living near the beach, I have known quite a few brides who planned weddings on yachts. One of the things you really have to be aware of - spaces (walkways) are small on boats! You do not want a big, train dragging around everywhere! So, I chose this gown - style 5918 from Bonny Bridal. It's an informal gown (meaning it does not have a train) and of course, I loved the colors (think about red shoes underneath!! cute!!). One other bonus to getting an informal wedding gown - cost. Yup, they are much cheaper! For instance, this wedding gown sells for around $450.00!

Some pretty fun ideas, don't you think? I love this bunting banner too! Because 
you get the PDF version, you could incorporate a lot of if the flags into other 
parts of the wedding - DIY invitations, candy buffet signs, wedding many uses! 

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  1. I like the touch of color blue in this gown. It makes the bride look elegant.