Thursday, June 9, 2011

Personalized Wire Bridal Hangers

Adorable. Artistic. Unique. These are my thoughts when I see the items being added to deliziare's Etsy store. Designer Amber Weaver, creates these amazing hangers and what makes them unique is her lettering style:

Everyone has their own unique style of handwriting and the same goes for wire writing. The last thing you'll want to purchase, for yourself or as a gift, is a hanger that is not legible. Amber guarantees that her lettering is clear, neat and she guarantees that she will never send out a piece that she is not 100% satisfied with! Now, that is amazing customer service! Another different thing you will find with Amber's hangers is that she will customize the color of the hanger, for an additional fee:

The personalized hangers are $22.00 and a customer color painted hanger is an additional $2.00. What an amazing price for a personalized bridal hanger that you will keep....forever!

In addition to her personalized bridal hangers, Amber is now offering extra goodies! These are the items that got me excited - they are different and unique:

Blooming Love Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony Vase Set - $40.00

Custom Wire Heart Names Wedding Cake Topper - $45.00

Custom Initials Heart Wire Wedding Cake Topper - $25.00

Alternative Vintage Floral Wire Wedding Bridal Bouquet - $80.00

Beach Inspired Palm Tree Crystal Spray Wire Wedding Cake Topper - $28.00


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