Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gee, My house smells terrific!

I know that is a funny title, but it's the truth and I will give you a head's up, if you will...Today, one of my April give-a-way items came! And I am beyond thrilled! I am working up a story board to put the give-a-way together...but here is another sneak peek (seems I have a lot of those lately!)....

As you might be able to tell....I don't like keeping secrets! I admit I was one of those kids who peeked at presents before Christmas morning! What can I say? I love showing people things that I LOVE!

I fell in love with these little sachets for a couple of reasons: 1.) They have the words every marriage needs to thrive and survive! They are "Life Mantras" to live by! and 2.) They smell heavenly! I absolutely love Lavender! These, however, are made in France and they are made with French Lavender - which, in my opinion, is the best! I love French Lavender because it's smell is so fragrant, a little sweet! So bloggie readers! One winner is going to get these three Life Mantra sachets....but guess what??? Again we are going to get an extra little treat! The person who makes these lovely sachets, Apol from La Pomme, has included another little thing for me to give-a-way in addition to my purchase of these for the April give-a-way! What does this mean to my fabulous readers? We will get a grand prize winner of goodies and a runner up again! YAY....two winners! Love when that happens! :) So, the runner up will receive a new item called "Inspiration Apples". I did peek inside the bag (see I can not wait for things!!) and it looks exactly like this one with the exception it has the hand written word "Live" on it!

I am over the moon about sharing these with you! Apol is a very kind, understanding person and has been a real dream to work with! Originally, I was going to have these as a part of my "Going Green" give-a-way but, I was concerned about shipping (these came from France, after all!). So, I wasn't sure if there would be additional fees to pay on the items, etc. Apol was very patient with me! I decided to have the items shipped directly to me from her etsy shop La Pomme so that if there were any additional costs I could pay them and the give-a-way winner would not be responsible! Once that was determined she got the items out like in 2 days and I had it here in like 4 days!!!! Amazing! So, there you have it! A sneak peek at one of the April give-a-way items! I should have the rest of the items up tomorrow so we can open it up to comments! Please check out Apol's store...her items would make AWESOME gifts for your bridesmaids, moms and any other special people in your wedding party! Just lovely...OH! And they smell good too! ;)


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