Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mustaches....At Your Wedding?

Hmmm...ok! I suppose if you're a bride (or groom) that just wants to have fun, this is right up your alley!  

Mustaches On A Stick...

Seems like this is a trend that hasn't gone away, but keeps gaining in popularity! I know I keep seeing posts about it so, here you go!! I found a couple of good sources if you want to buy mustaches on a stick - there is a shop that claims to be "the original" maker of mustache on a stick - they even have a copyright! These seem to be well made and sturdy:

Photo Credit:

Perhaps you would like a felt mustache? We've got you covered there as well:

But, maybe you are a DIY bride and you know this would be pretty easy to make it yourself right? Well, guess what? Martha Stewart thinks so! Yep, the wedding pro herself has a DIY guide to making your own mustache! This is a great prop for a photo booth! It is a light hearted trend that happens to show off your fun side as well! If you use these...I want pictures!


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