Friday, January 7, 2011

Dream Destination

If you could plan a destination wedding, where would it be? I know most people would automatically pick a beach theme and destination but, what about a fairytale castle? Destination weddings can actually be a money saver when you think about combining expenses of a wedding and a honeymoon. Here is a dream destination for me...Leed's Castle

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle - The Castle Island

Located in Kent, England this castle is about 1.5 hrs from London.

The castle is open year round and you and your guests can even stay there! The Keeper's House, a private housing area, sleeps 10 people - enough for a small wedding party! The Keeper’s House is located in a secluded position within the castle grounds overlooking the weir pond, rich in wildlife and waterfowl.

Keepers House

Holiday Cottages at Leeds Castle - Keepers House Interiors

But, you can also stay inside the castle! 38 guests can be accommodated in the 20 available bedrooms!

So how much does a Fairytale Castle wedding cost? Depending on your budget (and what the experts say is the "average" cost of weddings) I think this type of dream destination wedding is pretty affordable! I am figuring on the lowest number of guests, in their smallest package, which is 20 guests:

The price (for 2011) comes out to $171.00 per person in US Dollars. The bedroom cost is $186.00 - which includes breakfast. So, let's assume you had 20 guests coming. That would be $3420.00 for the wedding package and an additional $3720.00 for the rooms. When you consider the cost of an average London hotel is about $200.00 per night....staying at a famous castle seems like a bargain....right? Let the dreaming begin!!

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