Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Love is all you need!

Yeah, yeah yeah....Valentine's Day is fast approaching...umm HELLO did you miss all the decorations the DAY AFTER Christmas?! Sheesh. I couldn't wait to start posting about it, but at least I showed a little restraint! haha. Sorry, I am in a mood tonight! Anyway, one of my favorite shops (that I have mentioned before) is doing a pre-order cookie sale and I thought..."Ok, now is the time to start talking about the love holiday!" I actually really thought these cookies were adorable don't you?

Valentine Cupcake Cookies 1 dozen $30

And, can I just remind all of you to put a little money aside for the after-Valentine's day sale? Red is a pretty popular wedding color and it's a great time to stock up on things like: red, white or pink candy (M&M's anyone?), those red foil heart candies (Dove makes some cute ones), keep an eye out for anything white...and with hearts! Very common items for wedding showers or wedding related goodies! That was my first PSA for putting some moola away to buying things...I am just letting you know, you will hear it again! I am a total bargain shopper! I just told you I was a bargain shopper, right? So, I have blogs I love to follow like Tip Junkie and now they have a Valentine Tip Junkie site!! Wahoo! Get right on over there to find things like:
 And my favorite...


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