Monday, May 2, 2011

Button Bridal Bouquets

It's always fun to see alternative wedding ideas brought to life! I am a big real flower fan but, I have to say that there is something about these button bouquets that I really like! I am not sure if it was me that I would use them for my bouquet but, I think it's a nice bouquet for other members of the wedding party - for your bridesmaids and even junior bridesmaids or especially for your mom or grandmothers - if they are crafters, I think it would be especially touching! These button bouquets come all the way from Australia! Nic's Button Buds came to life after real-life bride Nic had been planning her own wedding, on a budget! She was having a wedding for 100 people with a budget of $6,000! I wanted to share Nic's Button Buds with you for 2 reasons: her creations are beautiful and her prices are reasonable!


Her bouquet pricing varies based on want you want but, here is a guideline to her prices:

Large Bride Button Bouquet - $215
Standard Bride Button Bouquet $160
Small / Budget Bride Button Bouquet $100
Bridesmaid Button Bouquet $80
Flowergirl Button Bouquet $35
Toss Button Bouquet $35
Basic Buttonholes/Corsages $8.00 


  1. Kerrie,

    Thanks so much for featureing my bouquets on your blog - i actually get married in 1 weeks time - an update on the budget. We are slightly over but mainly due to an issue with the photographer we originally booked - we had to find a replacement and he hasnt yet refunded the deposit.

    BUT it can certainly be done and i am looking forward to out big day.

    I also think i will be following your blog from now on :)

    Thanks so much for featuring my bouquets.


  2. BTW I just came back to report on my wedding. Total money spent was $6900, but then after we got some bonds back on hire of things and i have sold some of the stuff its down to $6500.

    We had a photographer issue (we found a replacemend for the day) ad as such are chasing $200 back there and have more stuff to sell. Regardless we have managed to have THE perfect day without spending a fortune. :)