Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get S'more Wedding Info Here!

Oh, yeah that title says it all, doesn't it? Get ready for ooey gooey goodness because it's coming your way! This all started because of a wedding event I attended! Sitting outside on a little side table were platters of these little round things, it was dark, but the girl behind the counter asked me, "Have you ever tried a S'muffin?" thinking did I hear her right?  I said, "No, I haven't heard of a S'muffin". Well, it was my lucky day....let me tell you. This is one of the most amazing desserts I have had -- in. my. life. So, the bad news first: they are only in Los Angeles, they will deliver to the Orange County area (for a fee) but they do not ship. I know. HUGE BUMMER. Even though I am in Orange County, I am feeling your pain! I think one of these days they will come up with a way to ship....and when they do, you MUST get one - immediately. 

So, the S'muffin is the main product being sold by Los Angeles based Gotta Have S'more. This woman was smart! The name sticks because it speaks the truth! Once you have one, you gotta have s'more!! They make them for so many different parties but, of course, I am partial to the wedding s'muffins! 
It's basically a s'more and a mini muffin. But, butter oh it amazing! I urge you all to sign up for the big day when they finally decide to ship these goodies!!

Sure you can make your own s'mores any day of the week - as long as you have chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. But, could you make individual s'more wedding cakes every day? Maybe. Leave it up to our girl, Martha Stewart, to come up with this mini individual sweet treat! Let me count the ways I love Martha Stewart....(oh wait! There are too many!). You can find the recipe here. My only suggestion would be to get one of those little torches (used for like creme brulee) and fire up those marshmallows a little bit! I love toasted marshmallows! I am making a pledge, right here, that I will be making these (soon). 
I started to look around at different things for this post (I am on a serious s'mores kick!) and I came across this DIY post on how to make a s'more wedding favor. Depending on the type of wedding you are having, this could be a perfect favor fit. I would absolutely do something like this myself, if I was getting married again. So, you know the ingredients are not that costly so you can spend a little more on the packaging to make this just as cute as Cynthia and Dustin did. The thing I love about this post is that they explain every little detail of how to make this (even links to the vendors) so this is a really easy DIY project! Huge props to them for doing that! 

And finally, I would like to tell you about a special area located 23 miles southwest of the San Francisco International Airport - The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay. Situated on a scenic bluff that overlooks 50 miles of the Pacific coastline there are many gorgeous spots for you to say "I do!" There is also a private beach to enjoy and rooms with your own private fire pit! I love that! Well, you know this is post is about s'mores and the reason I wanted to share this gem of a place is because you can make your own s'mores right on your balcony (the hotel provides a s'more making kit)!
So, there you have it! If you have s'more wedding ideas to share on this theme...leave a comment! I would love to hear them!! 

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  1. Yumminess! I am planning my wedding for September of next year and I am so glad I stumbled upon your adorable blog!!!

    Liesl :)