Monday, May 16, 2011

Let's have a mad hatter tea party!

I am back on my tea party kick! I think because summer is just around the corner and people are thinking of summer parties hosting a fabulous tea party might be in your future. If you are hosting one (bridal shower/luncheon/birthday party/girls day) then here are some of my most amazing finds:

Tea Party Rings from Etsy seller GymboHannah

Butterfly Fairy Tale Tea Cup Ring

Now would be the time to order one of those fun, wacky cakes known as "Mad Hatter" cakes or topsy turvy cakes. They are works of art when you see what actually goes into making them! If you thought you might be able to decorate one yourself, I did find this YouTube video to help you! I certainly have a better appreciation for bakeries who make them after watching this video! I had lot's of images to choose from, picking one I wanted to share! These cakes are very popular! My favorite one was this cake from My Sweet Saucy, a bakery located in Long Beach, California. I loved the colors and I am a huge fan of polka dots!

I also had to share some of the amazing ideas that the CraftyPagan has for Mad Hatter Tea Parties! Since she is sponsoring our Special Giveaway - Just For You this month you you could choose any of these Mad Hatter themed party decorations if you are the winner! The giveaway ends on May 23rd! So if you haven't entered, now would be the time! Click here to see all the ways you can enter to win (you can get up to 10 entries per person!) 

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