Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cheery Cherry Wedding Inspiration

Cheery, cherry wedding inspiration! I am a fan of consumable wedding favors which is why I think having a candy bar or dessert station is a great additional to a wedding! Not only do these dessert tables help in setting the tone for your wedding, they also provide a great memory for your guests! While the vows and the meaning of the wedding are super important to you, having a great time at the wedding is important to your guests! So, on this super nice summer day my thoughts were of cherries! 

Cherry Sugar Cookies from JustCrumbs
 My hubby would go ga-ga for these mini cherry pies
 My favorite baker, Bakerella, made these - but she got the recipe from NotMartha

 Uh oh! I see a serious sidetrack issue going on with these mini-jars! Again this post is from Not Martha (another side track issue). I have just found two new obsessions interests!

I found a great website that has different size jars to use here!



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