Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Lieu Of...

So, you've seen those three words before - right? In lieu of a gift.... In lieu of flowers... In lieu of is pretty simple to define: In place of or instead of.

Well, on the horizon is a new way of giving - INLU (get it? in lieu?). Yes, it's spelled wrong - yes they know it. What is it? A simple way of getting everyone to go in on a group gift or if you are the wedding couple and do not want gifts but, instead would rather give to a charity - this is one way to do it.

INLU allows the person organizing the party (bachelorette, bridal shower, etc) a place to create an evite invitation and collect funds for one spectacular gift. Maybe, the couple has been living together and really couldn't use a new toaster, towel set or food processor. Maybe, what they really want is a new living room set. Seems pretty easy...that is if the people you are inviting are hip to internet gifting! I happen to like the idea - it's a pretty easy way to take care of gift giving - and I want to give the couple what they really want!

We did something similar for my hubby's 40th surprise birthday party! I had a luau surprise party for him and in lieu of a gift, I asked his friends and our family to chip in for a big surprise gift - a cruise to Hawaii! They all did it and my husband was SHOCKED! It was a lot of fun and easy for the guests...the only thing they had to do was show up for the surprise and have a good time.

I am not opposed to helping a couple with their honeymoon registry either. Times have changed! No longer does the bride have a trousseau when she gets married!

So how easy is it to set up? Pretty easy...

  • Create an Inlu.

  • Describe the GIFT.

  • Spread the word.

  • Purchase and give!

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    1. This is SO smart! I hope to see brides and grooms doing this!! Thanks for sharing! :)