Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dare to dream....and get excited!

I can't believe it! ONE. MORE. DAY. My "Pay It Forward" giveaway is coming to an end. We have one more day for you to get all your entries in. Someone is dreaming of winning this....and they are going to be super excited! I am so excited to just announce the winner! What a great (early) gift to get right before Christmas. This is HUGE. This giveaway will really help someone out and we all know the money that paid for it went to help others....that is why I am so thrilled. Lynne Lucente offered an amazing donation for Wish Upon a Wedding. She is a super nice lady and her flowers are ahhh-mazzing! So, if you have been waiting to enter....now is the time!! You can get up to 8 entries!! Hurry...get your name in and DARE TO DREAM!


  1. I can't wait! Thanks again for such an awesome opportunity!

  2. Following you on twitter ! Anxiously waiting results !

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    Coralie Fisher