Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pay It Forward Day

I got an email a couple of hours ago telling me it was National Pay It Forward I did a little research because this theme ties in perfectly with the giveaway I am doing this month!

I informally dubbed this giveaway my "pay it forward" giveaway...and guess what? It's starting to work out! People are signing up for the giveaway and telling friends about it...that is REALLY cool!! That, in itself is paying it forward, I think! So, I found the website for Pay It Forward Day - I wasn't aware there was a "national day". It looks like their annual date is April 28, 2011. Their website states though that "every day can be a pay it forward day" so, it looks like David Del Mundo has December 1st as his National Pay It Forward Day! He has 604,846 people attending today....err...make that 604,847! :) I agree....there doesn't have to be a "national" day to do a random act of kindness for another...we are presented with opportunities every day we wake up!  So, let's keep the chain going...


  1. Awesome way to give! So how did this go? Thank you for spreading the word on this! I think it was a big success.

    David Del Mundo

  2. David: My giveaway ends on Dec 15th so we have a few days left! :)