Sunday, December 5, 2010

Photo Booth = Fun!

Today, I received an email from Backdrop Outlet - they are having an awesome sale right now! The scenic muslins are regularly $399 but the sale is for $149! I love their Mod Backdrops! They are also on sale (but make sure you note the size!) These are a pretty good deal if you are planning a DIY photobooth! If you are looking for some fun are some ideas!!

Feather boas - almost a must have for a photobooth!  Party Feathers has some pretty cheap boas! Some of the colors are on sale right now...for $0.90 each! Wow!

Funky Hats - Yep! You gotta have some hats! People get silly with them! You can find a few cheap, good hats at Party Feathers - make sure to check them out while looking at the boa's! The hats are on sale as well...most priced at $2.99 - $3.99!
Nerd glasses - here is the deal of the day! Not sure how you feel about people having totally weird eyes - but for $0.49 how can you not have a pair of these?


Or you can choose the old standard - the Classic Disguise Glasses for $3.95

Classic Disguise Glasses

The Chalkboard Speech Bubble - Let them leave you a message or share a funny thought! It's a little pricey at $29.00 but, totally worth it! Would be fun to actually have two of them to see what kind of "conversations" you can have! Of course, you and the new hubby can also use them with the words "Mrs" and "Mr"....

This was a fun pick me up post for a Sunday! What other props would you use for some photo booth fun?


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