Monday, November 29, 2010

Destination: Wedding!

I don't mean a "destination wedding" - did I confuse you? I saw these amazing suitcases...but they aren't really suitcases! They are actually boxes from a paper company called Kate's Paperie. They are made of lightweight but sturdy cardboard and trimmed with metal latches and hinges. I thought they could be an interesting photo prop! They come in three sizes: small, medium or large and the price range is $10 - $15 each.
I browsed around the site awhile and came across something else that inspired me...if you have suitcase in hand....what does that mean?? That you are going somewhere....correct!! (my blog readers are so smart!) Keep all your travel details (so you will never forget a single moment of your vacation/honeymoon) in this:
Once I saw these two items, I was hooked! I stayed just long enough to know that I had to tell everyone about this great site that has unique items that I have not seen! I loved these invitations!

They have some wedding items on sale here and if you are new to the site and sign up to get their newsletter you can get yourself a 20% discount! 


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