Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How was your halloween?

We just got back from a FANTASTIC weekend in Las Vegas! I was invited up for a slot tournament for Halloween. I get invites all the time to join in their tournaments but, I have never responded until now! This tournament just sounded like too much fun to miss! First of all, they were counting on no more then 1000 entrants. They paid cash prizes to the top 3 winners and then free play to spots 4 - 200. As an invited guest, you got 3 nights free at Harrah's (or any of the other properties they run), a spot in the tournament and a trick or treat bag - which held cash prizes, diamond jewelry or candy (that would be the trick NOT the treat!). When we arrived we were told they had more people respond to the offer than they anticipated and therefore they were giving us a $100 Discover Gift Card in lieu of the Awards Banquet Dinner (I was good with that!). The next morning, I went to register and was told not only would we get the $100 gift card but they were also giving us $100 free play! They also had a yummy breakfast buffet set up for us - and two open bars! You play 3 rounds in the tournament and your total score reflects where you place. After 2 rounds I was tied for 130th place!! I went over to get my trick-or-treat goodie bag and I ended up winning $40 - and some candy! At lunch time, they had another buffet set up for us through dinner. That was really nice! I was playing in the casino the 2nd night and I LOVE playing the Wizard of Oz slot machine! I had put quite a bit of money into the machine and was down to $1.85 on my machine and then Glenda (the good witch) shows up. She is a wild, bonus play. My machine did this:

OH. MY. GOD. I was so EXCITED! I couldn't believe it! This weekend was proving to be a really GREAT weekend. The next day was my 3rd round in the slot tournament. When I showed up, we were told because they had more players then originally planned (1071 people were playing) they were going to pay cash prizes to the top 3 and then pay (in free play) winners 4 - 500! That meant that 1/2 the people playing would win something! I thought I ended on a pretty good note but, I wouldn't find out where my standing was until the evening. I knew since they were paying up to 500 I would most likely win something! I spent some down time playing Three Card Poker. I hit TWO straight flushes within 6 hands!! I was on fire! That night, I went to check the standings and I FINISHED IN THE TOP TEN!!!! Wow! I ended up winning $800! It was amazing...and I must say the best Halloween....EVER.


  1. Wow!! You were on fire!! Congrats on your wins and Viva Las Vegas!!

  2. I would say that is AWESOME! I have only done slot tournaments in a smaller fashion. How do you become a part of that?! If you could email me the information I'd love to find a way to do that one weekend... my hubs and I love hittin up Vegas for a night or two for some slot action! :)

  3. Hey Laura! I just use my card any time I play at the casino, you know the preferred player card they have at each place? So, I guess I rack up enough points! haha. They are always sending me offers in the mail. Seriously, in the month of October I could have gone up EVERY weekend. They offer free rooms, tournaments, free concerts, gift cards, etc. I don't take advantage of all the "free" offers I get...because, let's face it - the odds of winning are stacked against you. And a "free" trip usually doesn't work out to free after you are gambling! But, in this case, the stars must have been aligned for me! ;) This was the first time EVER that I have had to "sign off" for tax purposes....and I didn't mind one bit! :) hehehe.