Saturday, November 6, 2010

One Shoe Can Change Your Life

The title of this post is a quote from Cinderella! Can one shoe really change your life? I can tell you I was pretty excited when, on the day of the Blissful Wishes Ball, I called my UPS store to see if a package had arrived for me and they said YES! I was on my way to the hair salon...without much time to spare. Two weeks before the ball, I had ordered a pair of shoes I fell in love with - from a picture on They were on sale for 50% off too! DEAL. SOLD.

I asked for 2-day shipping but was pretty disappointed, after I ordered, and they said the shoes would ship in a separate package. Not knowing if the shoes would arrive and even look good with my dress I had to run out and find an alternate pair. This was no easy task for me! I was told I HAD to wear heels (I think I have been pretty vocal on my blog that I am not a heel type of girl!). After a few laughable attempts at walking in heels, I finally convinced my friend, Heels + Me = Do Not Mix. I finally found two, wedge type heels, that might be acceptable...but they were not really what my heart desired and honestly, I would most likely never wear them again! So, now fast forward to the phone call the day of the ball...with hours to spare! It was meant to be! Now, these shoes didn't change my life (literally) but I was pretty darn happy and my daughter, who is 4, and LOVES Cinderella thinks they are pretty awesome too...she has some big shoes to fill! :)


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