Friday, November 5, 2010

Blissful Wishes Ball

Last night, I attended the Blissful Wishes Ball at the fabulous Ebell Wilshire Theater in Los Angeles. This was a magical evening, filled with many memories and lots of fun! If you are located in or around the Los Angeles area prepare to be delighted by some of the wedding industries most creative, talented artists!
The gala was a fundraising event for Wish Upon a Wedding, a national organization that grants wedding wishes and vow renewals for brides and grooms who are terminally ill or facing life altering circumstances. I was asked to represent Bonny Bridal at the gala - which I was thrilled to do! It was a night filled with inspiration and tons of fun...all for a worthwhile cause.

Here's a picture at the beginning of the evening - that's me on the right and my "date" Jodi on the left. The "theme" for the evening was GLAMOUR & ROMANCE of the Hollywood Silver Screen - I sure think Jodi got it right! She looked amazing! (My hubby wants to extend a SPECIAL thanks for going with me - he was thrilled he didn't have to get dressed in a tux in our 90-degree weather!).

We walked the red carpet to the entrance and received our complimentary champagne cocktail courtesy of Barefoot Wines and Bubbly. They had this Blissful champagne creation...such a pretty color!
The grounds of the Ebell were magically transformed! Music was being performed by the Del Lago Trio (sweet music to my ears), there was a cigar rolling station ( had my husband known about that - he might have donned that tuxedo in our heatwave!) and I couldn't help but think of my mom when I saw the chocolate fountain station from Orange County Chocolate Fountains. My mom had a saying "Eat dessert first!" and when I saw this amazing set up BEFORE dinner, I sort of felt her there with me...a little angel on my shoulder. Oh! I can't forget to mention the photobooth that was set up! SO MUCH FUN! The people from Shutter Booth were awesome. The guy working it was super nice and friendly - I am now a firm believer that every special event should have a photobooth! Check out our funny little pictures:

Here are some additional pictures I captured from the night:

There are certain things that happen in an evening that you will remember forever. One of those funny moments was when Jodi and I read the menu for the evening. We were asking each other what certain things were - or how they were pronounced! It was so funny. I still could not tell you what most of these creations were but, I can tell you they were definitely creations that melted in your mouth! 
We had a very eclectic table group! I enjoyed talking with many of them! To my surprise, someone I had met during the cocktail hour was seated at our table. Her name was Ngoc Nguyen and she is the creative director and principal consultant for Skybox Event Productions. What a wonderful lady and so fun to talk to! She promised to help me find Alice Hu (someone I have been wanting to meet) but, unfortunately I never found her. I got sidetracked working on this post hanging out at Sky Box's website and then blog. You really need to check it out - my favorite, by far, was the Twisted Tea Party! Sitting next to Jodi was Lindsey Sinatra, owner of A Wish and a Whisk. Her creations are above and beyond anything I have ever seen! Check out this cake - yes it is a CAKE - that she created for the closing of the 20 year world tour of The Phantom Of The Opera in Los Angeles. Amazing. Finally, we ended the evening talking to Paula Dulan Estes from Petalos di Pauli. Paula specializes in Eco-friendly event invitations, greeting cards and more. I will have to spend more time talking about all of these lovely ladies! 

In closing, I would like to thank Bonny Bridal for the amazing opportunity to spend an evening getting to know more about Wish Upon a Wedding. I was moved when I heard the stories from founding member Liz Guthrie and President Sasha Souza. I was thrilled to see a slideshow of the first wedding wish granted by the Southern California chapter (Bonny donated the wedding gown to the bride!) and I was so happy to get to know the ladies I introduced you to above! I look forward to sharing some more of this magical night - I actually have a giveaway coming up from the silent auction held to raise funds - courtesy of Bonny Bridal so stay tuned for that! I urge everyone to check out Wish Upon a Wedding! They have a live auction going on now where you can get amazing deals on items you will need for your wedding - why not do some good by buying goods and services you are going to need anyway? It really is going to a great cause! 

Here's a picture of us at the end of the was a GREAT time!


  1. Great post!! I had a BLAST with you at the Ball!! Getting all dolled up was super duper fun!! Thanks for the invite Kerrie.. and I love the photo booth pictures. Funny!!! I checked out Lindsey's cake too... WOW. I had no idea I was sitting next to a real artist. Amazing!

  2. Wow!!! What a great evening. You and Jodi look amazing!!!

    Does this organization take donations of new wedding dresses? If so, PM me the info.
    Rose :)