Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mini Cakes

One of the featured vendors for the Aqua Blue and Red inspiration was Carrie's Cakes. This bakery, located in Sandy, UT, is the owned and operated guessed it: Carrie! She has been making cakes for over 30 years and I can tell you, it really makes a difference when you have that much experience behind you! An idea I toyed around with when I was planning my own wedding (6 years ago) was having mini cakes - but, they were pretty much non-existent then.

Carrie has a whole section of her website dedicated to these delightful mini works of art! She has perfected the use of fondant - she has her own secret recipe and if you have ever tried working with fondant you will know what a huge undertaking this is.
One of the best things about mini cakes is that you can have all different kinds of cakes - different shapes, sizes and flavors! 

The other reason I wanted to share about Carrie's Cakes is because she seems FUN! I looked at all her incredible cakes and I read her blog. She offers cake classes and has a store on her website where you can purchase tools if you want to try your hand at cake making - even DVD tutorials! But, the thing that really put her personality in perspective was this video:

Wedding cake delivery on a scooter! from David Perry on Vimeo.

Kudos to you Carrie! I loved watching this video because, seriously - when have you ever seen something like this? Love the polka dot helmet, love the awesome pink scooter and love the CakeSafe delivery box! This is just awesome - I wish I was in Utah so I could meet her in person (and order a mini cake!).

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  1. LOL Hey guys this is Brooke, Carrie's assistant, this post is awesome thanks so much for spreading the word about us! LOVE IT!