Saturday, August 13, 2011

Woodland Heart Wedding Cake Toppers

I love when I find things I would purchase myself (if I were getting married again!). One of my favorite things about writing this blog is sharing amazing, unique finds. When I came across these cake toppers on Etsy I knew I had to share! My hope is that someone reading this little blog will find things for their wedding - it's tough to weed out all the goodies that are out there when you are planning a wedding so, I hope that my lovely readers like all the ideas I share!

Etsy seller BetterOffWed is getting married this month! Her Etsy shop opened because she was creating custom items for her own wedding and she wanted to share her handmade items with other brides! I love finding items that are made from actual brides!

The Woodland Heart Wedding Cake Topper in Berry - $45.00

The Woodland Heart Wedding Cake Topper in Berry - Birch Wood

The Woodland Heart Wedding Cake Topper in Party Pink $45.00

The Woodland Heart Wedding Cake Topper in Party Pink - Birch Wood

Another thing I look for in items I love to share: things that can be used AFTER the wedding! You are going to be spending a lot of cash for the big day so, any item that has a use after is a huge bonus in my book! These cake toppers have many uses after the big day - simply snip the stakes with a pair of scissors and your topper is now a keepsake piece for your home and for generations to come. Hang your topper next to your wedding photo, display it in a shadow box frame or even tie a cord around it and hang it on your holiday tree. I absolutely adore these cake toppers. The heart is made out of fabric so you have many colors to match your wedding scheme. 

I've been been keeping my eye out for something that I have been wanting to giveaway on the blog and guess what? This is it! Stay tuned...the next post will be about how you can win your very own Woodland Heart cake topper from BetterOffWed...a little giveaway from me to you!


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