Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Candy Buffet Bar

I am a huge fan of candy bar stations at weddings or any party. They are always a crowd pleaser - seriously, who doesn't love candy? When I was doing my vendor reviews for the Bee theme party I talked about Candy Pros. Well, I got an email the other day from them and they saw my review and they generously offered my readers a 5% discount off their already low prices so, I wanted to make sure every one knew about this! The code to enter at checkout is: "meanttobee". Pretty appropriate since it ties into our Meant To Bee Giveaway  going on now! Have you entered? I hope so! There are some pretty awesome goodies up for grabs but, back to the sweet stuff! So, over at Candy Pros you can shop by color - which makes finding exactly what you need pretty easy!

For wedding candy bars you will find items such as popular Jelly Belly beans - these are great items for candy bars because A. Jelly Belly has the best beans B. Jelly Belly offers the most amazing colors and C. Every one loves Jelly Belly because of their awesome flavors. One of the most popular Jelly Belly wedding items is called the Champagne Bubble - its a small white jelly candy with little white balls all over - we have all seen them, they look like this:

Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles (5 lb) - Click Image to Close

Every website I compared to Candy Pros did not even come close to their price! For a 5lb package the cost is $27.96. I did this on similar popular candies like the popular Whirly Pop lollipops:

Candy Pros sells them individually for about $1.12 per pop - this is a great price! Even our local Smart and Final (a warehouse discount store) can't even sell them for that price and if you are looking for individual colors at those discount warehouse type stores? Forget about it! Usually, you are going to find only the rainbow colored pops. 

You will also find all the popular candy like the Nostalgia Candy, Movie Theater Candy, Kosher Candy and even Gluten Free Candy

Some of my favorites for decorations are the super larger Shimmer Gumballs and if you are thinking about maybe offering something like an ice cream bar - guess what?? Candy Pros even offers specialized theme toppings! Super awesome! I could go on and on talking about sweets but, I am sure you get the picture - awesome prices, excellent customer service, fast shipping and good packaging - hands down a super win in my book! And, again...don't forget our special discount code "meanttobee" that will give you an additional 5% off!

Thanks Candy Pros! I am a super fan now! :)

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