Saturday, October 8, 2011

DIY Hurricane Centerpieces

I was SUPER excited when I found this DIY project!! I actually want to go try this out (maybe a nice little Saturday project?). The colors were what initially caught my eye and then after reading, I learned they were split peas - interesting...right?? I like the look! 
I really love the idea of using these types of vases for your centerpieces but, the other part of this idea that caught my eye was how easy these would be to reuse in your everyday life. Not only do I try to find items that are inexpensive (but look expensive) to share but, my other goal is to share items that you can use for more than just the BIG DAY! It's always super exciting to find DIY projects that fit my criteria!  

So, how to make these super cute hurricane centerpieces? Let's get right into it:

3 vases: There are plenty of places to find these clear glass vases in different shapes and sizes. I would try Dollar Tree, the .99 cent store or thrift shops but, you can also go hunting at garage sales or try the clearance aisle at Michael's. If you have to pay full price, remember to always look for a coupon in the newspaper or online! 3 candlesticks: To keep costs down head out to your local Dollar Tree, 0.99 Cent Store or a thrift shop. Again, check the stores above for these items but, you might also find some at Goodwill or resell shops - also garage sales! As a last resort, hit up stores like TJ Maxx or Ross. It might add to the cost a little bit if you have to shop at a major store. E6000 glue: You can find this glue at Michael's or your local craft store. Make sure you check your Sunday paper or online for a printable coupon to use. Michael's is famous for always having a 40% off coupon. I have never used the E6000 glue but, I have read it dries clear and that is the kind of glue you want to use. When I checked into doing this myself I also found someone who made something similar and they used the Gorilla Glue (I talked about that glue here) and the last item you will need is: Toothpicks

First, wash and dry the vases and candlesticks.

Then, I apply the E6000 glue onto the rim of the candlesticks with a toothpick.

Next, put the vases on top of the candlesticks and apply some pressure. Let them set for a little bit (you could place something heavy on top to set - like a book)

The person who made these hurricane vases used split peas to fill the bottoms but, your options are endless! You can use pebbles, marbles, glass pieces (so many colors to choose from) or even flower petals. You can match your wedding theme and then after use different filler items for different holidays or special occasions! I see these hurricane vases at Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma all the time...but, thanks to some crafty people we can make these ourselves! LOVE.

This DIY project has been shared and altered by many. I would like to thank Chelsea for the images used in this post and her tutorial. She originally found it and adapted it from my blessed life, who originally found it from here

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