Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tis the BAKE!

Do you ever get that feeling that when the weather starts getting cooler you need to turn on your oven and get baking? Maybe it has something to do with all the holidays that come up between October and December. Baking just seems to be on my mind a lot lately. Seeing pictures like this does not help this baking bug I have:

Looks yummy huh? I think seeing all the goodies and gadgets in the stores, now that they all have Christmas displays up months in advance, has something to do with my current baking obsession. I keep seeing all these new baking gadgets too and I REALLY want to try them! Those little mini pies above were made using the Breville Pie Maker, available exclusively through Williams Sonoma for $99.95 (ouch). But, I also saw a mini pie maker from Sunbeam - I think it made 5 mini pies for $29.99 at Target. I can't seem to find that one online though! And there are some books filled with mini pie recipes:

If mini pies aren't your thing, you can find a little gadget for every type of dessert! There are so many I would love to try but, finding storage space for all these gadgets could prove to be a problem...not to mention all the calories from these goodies...but they are mini right??

Babycakes also makes all kinds of plug and bake dessert gadgets. They have the Cake Pop Maker - you can bake 12 cake pops in just minutes, then add sticks and get creative with the icing and decorations:


Another recent obsession: pie pops. Love them. And guess what? There's a gadget for that!

And this one has to be my favorite: Whoopie Pie maker. I do like these little guys! Babycakes also includes ALL the things you need to make these little heavenly cakes:


Are you in the mood to bake yet? Have you ever used any of these gadgets? I would really love some comments on this one! I have the mini cupcake maker and it's just ok. They are quick and fun to make and I am seriously considering purchasing these guys to add to the fun of my holiday baking!

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  1. oh my goodness! these look so easy and so delicious! I would love to get one of these lil ovens....i am a sucker for random kitchen gadgets lol