Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bridal Gown Rebate!

I just saw this on Bonny's Facebook page and was thrilled to be able to share it with you all! If you are not familiar with Bonny, grab some coffee and sit down awhile! Bonny has been in business for over 25 years! They are sold in bridal salons nationwide (and international too!) Their gowns are very well made: embellishments are sewn on (not glued!), the embroidery work is awesome (clean and tight...no loose threads). They have several different lines of dresses but the bridal lines are Essence (a little couture and edgy), Bonny (the line that started it all) Bliss (a line for the modest/conservative bride) and Unforgettable (their stylish plus size line).

I have had occasions in the past where I have worked with the girls in the office (when I had my own bridal salon I carried their line of dresses) and more recently when they helped get me into the Fall Bridal Market in Las Vegas (as their guest).

I have always had a place in my heart for this company (maybe because their logo has one in it? hmmm) just kidding! Brides today are probably overwhelmed at the choices out there....who can blame you? But, the most important thing is having a budget for your dress and sticking to it (because you have to add in: accessories, alterations and undergarments!). Finding a gorgeous, well made dress on a budget is not that hard when you see the collection of Bonny gowns! And now...with this promotion which is giving the BRIDE back $50.00 off any purchase....well the value of these gowns just went up pretty big in my book (hehehe not the wallet!). Here's the deal:

Click on this link to download the official rebate form - get to work on finding a dress you love and a store that has it. Oooh! Wait here is another cool thing: Bonny has a program called Borrow A Bonny - so you can SEE the dress before you BUY it! Pretty awesome deal since not every store can have every dress (trust me I know! My store would have needed to be the length of 2 football fields to carry them all!).

And since no post is complete without a few pictures I was also able to nab a few off their Facebook page! :)

Wait, wait...one more thing! I know, I know you just want to see the dresses but this is IMPORTANT!! I have heard (don't hold me to anything if it isn't true) but I have heard some giveaways from Bonny are coming soon! That is AWESOME! I love giveaways! Gowns. Free. Wow.

Finally...pictures! Ok, so I know this is the cover gown on their new catalog coming out. I also know that it's style 040 (that makes it from the Bonny Collection) and I think it's priced at about  $945.00 (but with the rebate $895.00!)*

This gown is part of the Essence collection - at first I could tell by the style and fabric. The style number is 8009 and the price should be about $1325.00 (but with the rebate $1275.00)* Love the cold shoulder and lace! Very pretty dress!

This next dress is one of my TOP FAVES. One, it's just simple and gorgeous and two the price! Holy macaral are you ready for this? The price I think will be about $425.00 (with the rebate $375.00!!!!)* The style number is 045, so that should make it from the Bonny Collection

This next dress will be my Dress of the Day - and soon! I think it's beautiful. The style number is 1014 and it's Plus Size so that would make it from the Unforgettable Collection. The price is about $665.00 (with the rebate $615.00!)*

And finally, I have one picture from the Bliss Collection! This line was made for the modest or conservative bride. One thing I recently found out while helping a modest bride was that Bonny will alter ANY sleeve length in any of the Bliss dresses! Pretty good information to know!! (they do some custom changes on some dresses but every Bliss one can be changed!) So this is style 2012 from the Bliss Collection and it should sell for about $725.00 (with the rebate $675.00)*

Disclaimer time: So, you may have noticed my little * marks at the end of my suggested prices. I did that because the price could be different at your store (cheaper or more expensive?) I am just giving what I think the MSRP is so it would be best to check with a local store (or two...never know one could be cheaper!)


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