Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mad Love for Wedding Chicks - Free Templates

I am sending out mad love vibes right now to the people over at Wedding Chicks. Seriously, they have some super cute freebie items and you must check them out. I love the idea of having a photo booth and apparently I am not alone because they are super popular at weddings! Well, now you can print off your own sign! How easy is this?? And, it's super duper cute! I made up this one:

Here are all your color options:
When you get the image emailed to you it says that the graphic should be printed at a size of 5.5" x 4.25" or smaller. If you don't have a great quality printer at home, you could always take this over to Kinkos and have them print it. They might even be able to do it as a transparent so you could stick it on a piece of wood or other material! I like the idea of transferring it to card stock and hanging with thick twine though...! So many good ideas! You can check out all their freebie offers here!

I also saved this photo and opened it up in Paint. Trust me, when it comes to DIY projects I feel like I have to left hands (and yes, I am right handed!). But, I thought you could really use this freebie for so many other things and then it can all tie into your theme! So I used the "erase" tool and then added in a photo of us and used the text I have a Save The Date card to match my Photo Booth sign! Fun. Fun. Fun.

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  1. ahhhh thank you! I just ordered and got mine.
    This is perfect for my photobooth!