Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bridesmaid Dresses - One Size Fits All?

So, here is the twobirds bridesmaids the answer is YES! The concept: one dress than can be worn 15 different ways. It's not the cheapest bridesmaid dress, short dresses run $270 and full length $290, but when you consider you can get multiple looks it might be worth it! The dress comes in lots of pretty colors....

The dress is sold in the US (Los Angeles & New York) as well as international (Australia & UK). You can order online through their website as well. The line just introduced sizes up to 24.

Another addition you may look into if you have busty maids or maids who want a little more coverage: their bandeau. Pretty cool overall and this dress just may solve that little problem of everyone not liking one dress!


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