Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A little side note about comment posting


If you tried posting last night or today....and got a message stating you must be a TEAM MEMBER to post you will need to repost your comment! I have fixed that message! Sorry for any inconvenience! :(

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to apologize for the new obstacle in posting a comment. Because of a spammer, I have been forced to moderate all comments being left on the blog. I hope this person will move on to another blog (sorry to whoever she moves on to!) and leave our little happy blog alone! I will continue to moderate comments until she is gone, but until then please know your posts WILL make it to the blog!

Thanks for your understanding! :)

PS: I do not endorse purchasing your gowns direct from Chinese factories - like Light In The Box or the 100's of others who copycat manufacturers pictures tricking brides into thinking they are getting the genuine product, when actually it comes out as a cheap copy...thus forcing you to pay costly returns to China and also lose money in the name of a restocking fee!! Grrr. So frustrating! Thanks...jumping off my soap box now!

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  1. Ohhh yeah... purchasing a "copy" gown from overseas is a DEF no no!!!! Sorry about your spammer... I have to moderate my comments too...