Friday, June 18, 2010

Antrim 1844 Inn

The first time...well, the only time...I was in Maryland for a wedding was when the friend I am now visiting, got married! What an awesome Wedding Weekend that was! I was already working in the bridal industry - for a manufacturer, so my feet were wet, so to speak, in the business! Somehow, the memories of this wedding still make me feel it was one of the best weddings I have ever attended! (it was that good!).

It was held at the Antrim 1844 Inn located in Taneytown, Maryland. The grounds are absolutely lovely! The staff was amazing....I just wonder if they still have the red phone booth?! At the Inn...there were no phones in the rooms just one in the TV's were in the guest rooms (I say yay!) and the bathroom featured claw footed tubs! The beds were the most amazing-sink-right-in and get cozy beds, I have ever felt. My "room" was on the 2nd floor of this building, the main building....the 3rd window (counting from the left)!

Their website states:

Built in 1844, Antrim was once a thriving plantation and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Owners Dorothy and Richard Mollett have masterfully restored the mansion and the estate buildings on this 24-acre site. Visitors can enjoy first-hand the adaptive re-use of this exceptional restoration.

This is the Smith House. One of the guests rooms. It was actually the place that my friend and husband to be stayed at. It is VERY nice! From the main house you can see this across the yard. I remember the porch...I loved hanging out there!

The Original Ice House! Is this awesome or what?! The maid of honor and her family stayed here. I remember going in there once....I remember thinking how amazing it was! I loved the Wood-burning fireplace and double Jacuzzi! Fun Fun Fun!

There is a "pub" located there - called the Pickwick Pub. It's in the Wine Cellar. I remember meeting down there late into the evenings! :) Also, the restaurant on site is so delish! Everything served that weekend was ahhh-mazing!

The Inn is located just 15 minutes from Historic Gettysburg so your guests can get a little away time and get in some sightseeing or history! The Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel is just a spectacular setting for  weddings! I LOVED being a guest here...and I loved watching my friend marry her BEST FRIEND! Love you both very much! xoxoxox


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