Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wedding Pictures - Renting Cameras

Been thinking about wedding photos lately and came across Camera Renter. They tell you they are the more "eco friendly". They say: "Tens of millions of disposable wedding cameras are disposed of every year. And if you’ve ever used a disposable wedding camera, then you know that millions more disposable wedding pictures are also wasted." I will pretty much agree with that statement - because we bought disposable cameras for our wedding - and it was a total waste! Some of them didn't work and when we got the pictures developed they were horrible quality. While I think the guests had fun with them the money was a total waste (on the cameras and developing!). So, enter Camera Renter. From them you can rent Digital Cameras (in either sets of 10 or 20).
The rental fees are: 

  • 50 to 150 Guests $495 - 2000 Photos/80 Minutes Video - 10 Digital Wedding Cameras
  • Over 150 Guests $995 -  4000 Photos/160 Minutes Video - 20 Digital Wedding Cameras

What do you think about this service? My thoughts are mixed. Is it a valid cost for a wedding? Do you not think out of 150 guests 10 people will bring digital cameras? You might not get 2000 photos from your family and friends - but do you really want to go through 2000 photos?! My thoughts came down to this - if you are having a destination wedding (I suppose only within the US) this would be an ideal way to capture the special day/weekend. Hiring a photographer in another area (could prove difficult) or paying a photographer to travel with you could cost a lot more. 

If you think this is an amazing deal well google them and add something like coupon code or discount code because a lot of sites were offering $100 savings and also Camera Renters has a giveaway going on their site!


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