Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Giveaways!

Welcome to a new month!! I love the Fall...especially September and October. Our family has so much to celebrate in these months:

  • My daughters birthday (she will be 4...!)
  • My mom's birthday (even though she has passed!)
  • My best friends birthday - and her two girls! All in the same week!!!
  • My birthday (not telling my age!)
  • My wedding anniversary (it will be 5 years!)
So, I have not decided on my September giveaway yet, but I did find a couple of other giveaways you guys might be interested in:

Bonny Bridal is giving away ANOTHER free bridal gown! This is their 4th month of gown giveaways!! The dress this month is from their Essence Collection....I love, love, love this collection! The designs have a more couture edge to them and the fabrics are ahh-mazing! Here is the link to their giveaway!

I found this little giveaway tonight! I signed up for the giveaway and should I be the lucky winner I will be donating the hanger to one of my readers!! :) The giveaway is for a personalized bridal hanger. I really love these and think you get an awesome photograph opportunity for your gown! So go sign up to win and good 

And keeping with my theme of always saving the best for last...I just found this AMAZING giveaway from The Lion & Hippo/Imeon Designs! You only have a few days left to enter this giveaway (ends on Sept 9th!). There will be 3 giveaways with 3 winners! Unlike the posting above, if I win....sorry....I am keeping this for myself! :) haha. Give me a break...I have a lot of things to celebrate remember?! I love Noemi though and have featured her on my blog and even given away one of her cakes to a reader! I LOVE her creations! You will go enter!!! She has a lot of fun things!!


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