Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vegas Bridal Market - Recap!

Ok, so I finally got everything organized from my Las Vegas Bridal Market Trip! I collected so much information while I was there! Here are my thoughts and opinions:

The market was held at the Rio Hotel and once you get over to the convention area and sign in you then walk down this huge corridor. Some vendors had private rooms...but we were on a mission to get right into the main showroom. We couldn't help but glance into one of the private rooms - the 1st company we came upon was PC Mary's. They had an interesting prom gown on a model, which I admit I did not like! Bright yellow with a zebra print - but made us stop and look! I was, however, very impressed with the bridal gowns! One stood out that I really liked: style 5283. It's a princess, ball gown made of Tulle. Princess ball gowns were once very popular - and Mary's doesn't disappoint in always making one!

Once into the main ball room, where most of the vendors were showing their new lines, we were hit with bursts of COLOR! Lots of prom and homecoming dresses were on display. If you are interested in these dresses - expect lots of wild, crazy prints and lot's of strange color combinations! Also, short mini dresses seemed to be everywhere. Alyce Prom had two dresses I absolutely fell in love with:

We got to the Casablanca booth just as their bridal show was ending (a bummer for sure!) but I was able to catch the last of their couture dresses - at couture prices. Ouch. Casablanca had such affordable gowns but their prices have recently jumped up! It's too bad...because I think they make a great dress. My preference on my blog is to find beautiful dresses priced at under $1000...and that just wasn't going to happen here. :(

One of my FAVORITE companies was showing for the very first time ever in the US! They are not new to the bridal world - in fact, they are very popular in Europe and trying to "break into" the US market. The name is Lucca - Scandinavian Design. They are based in Denmark. I think they will do well here and find a permanent home. Their dresses were GORGEOUS! I was in love with quite a few of them - and they hit the mark on my price point! The representatives were so nice and accommodating. Just an overall pleasant experience with them and I would certainly add them to your list as a "must see" in person. Fabrics are rich, design and quality are top notch!!

The dress on the live model is called "Charlotte". It comes in a light ivory with black swarovski crystals or you can choose a soft rose swarovski crystal. The retail price would be about $950.00

The dress on the left is named "Dina". This gown is in their couture collection. It was one of my favorites because of it's fabric - Silk Dupion! it. It wouldn't be for every bride - it has a high slit going up the front of the skirt and it's very fashion forward. Price tag is a little steep at about $1350.00 - but again it's silk! The gown on the right, however, is stunning in person! It's Silk Satin and has a light Platinum silk satin band. The crystal brooch tying it all together is stunning in person! The retail price on this gown - about $815.00!! What a deal. They will be gaining more US stores (right now there is only ONE store in NJ selling them!) keep your eye out!

We also stopped by the Bonny booth! I didn't have a lot of time to chat with the girls there - they were pretty busy! I did snap a few pictures:

Most of the gowns I saw at market had flower details, ruffles and lots of bling! This dress is a more conservative style but still with a little edge to it - not too plain with the pretty flower details! The retail price on this dress should be about: $695.00

Here you can see some of the "bling" I was talking about! The beading really caught my attention on all of these dresses! Very intricate patterns and very expensive looking! This style was from the Essence line and the retail price will be about $1075.00.

You know me...and my love for anemones! So, this dress takes the cake in my opinion! :) 110% love it. The black band detail, the flower....the ruffle bottom....the silhouette. Love it all. My favorite dress by far. I say this easily because if I was getting married this would be my dress. For sure! :) Retail price $905.00. Can't wait to post this dress up on a design board with my anemome shots....just wait! You will love it! Just be prepared! Ruffles galore! No more plain skirts!! Yay! Well, don't get too excited...some of the dresses still have the plain fabric full skirt!

I do have more to share - lots of shoes, accessories, and SHOES! We must discuss shoes next!!


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