Thursday, April 21, 2011

1930s Marital Rating Scale category

I saw this in my google reader and was intrigued! far have we REALLY come in 81 years? I got a kick out of reading these and wanted to pass along...thank you to Blush Ink for posting this and giving me some late night chuckles!

According to demerits are pretty high! (sigh)
  • I am a night owl so I am always the last one in bed: **ding** 
  • I can not sew on a button **ding** and I don't know what "darn socks" so it must be something I don't do **dink** 
  • Soiled dresses/aprons around the house - well if they get soiled from cooking, cleaning, I do not go change so, **ding**
  • I do wear red polish: **ding**
  • I am completely guilty of putting my cold feet on this super warm legs! **ding** Back seat driver....hmmm let's just say: **ding**

And now it's the husband's turn:

These surveys prove that the thoughts/actions between men and women will always vary (greatly). Only 2 out of the 12 merits, on the husbands side have to do with interacting with his wife but, on the womans survey 11 out of 12 were about personal interactions with the husband! The husband also had the opportunity for 5 points on 5 questions (25 pts) whereas the wife had only 15 for her merits. On the demerit side the wife had 20 points she could potentially add to that column, while the man only had 15 additional demerits on his side! HMMMM!!


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