Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sweet Treat Giveaway - 1 week left!

We have only 1 week left until we announce the winner of the Sweet Treat Giveaway! I have enjoyed reading all the different flavors you all love. Chocolate is still in the lead as your favorite flavor and Red Velvet is still in second place!  My daughter had a Spring Party at her preschool, which was a perfect excuse to pull out my cupcake maker and get to creating some delicious treats! I actually used two baking methods: my mini-cupcake pan (because it makes 30 at a time) and my electric mini cupcake maker (which is part of this giveaway but, it only makes 7 at a time!). I cheated and used a box cake mix and I got 72 mini cupcakes! I used my husband as a taste tester - to see if he could tell which cupcake was baked in the oven or the electric maker (seeing them unfrosted you can tell the difference. The one baked in the oven is definitely more brown!). Both passed the taste challenge! He couldn't tell the difference. So here are my Easter cupcakes!

I took some coconut and used a few drops of green food coloring and then I fastened each jellybean on with a little extra frosting. Voila!  These cupcakes are about 2 bites - perfect to get your cupcake fix and because they are mini you get SO MANY!! I hope whoever wins will share her photos with me of the creations she comes up with! Happy Easter everyone....and if you are just coming to the blog for the first time - make sure you enter the Sweet Treat Giveaway!! 


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