Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Groupon + Etsy = Heartsy


Today's site of the day is Heartsy. If you like Groupon (the website where you get daily deals) and you like Etsy (the website where you get beautiful handmade items) then you will love HeartsyHeartsy features exclusive daily deals on handmade items across the internet. Here's how Heartsy works:

1. They send you exclusive deals on handmade items. Every day or so they will email you one deeply discounted deal to use at an artist's Etsy store. Sign up to get their email.

2. Click to buy the deal. Purchase the deals with one easy click. You will receive your voucher immediately. It's that simple!

3. Use your deal voucher on Etsy. After purchasing a deal on Heartsy you receive a voucher (which is just like a gift certificate) which you can use at the Etsy store that sponsored the deal.

A couple of cool things about Heartsy vouchers:

  • The voucher can be applied to shipping costs
  • The voucher can be used multiple times (if you buy a $40 voucher and buy a $10 item you still have $30 left to spend!)
  • They do offer a 30 day return policy

Referral program? Yup...they have that too! So, let's say I invite you (and I am!) you click this link to sign up. Once you buy your first item we get $10 to share ($5 to you and $5 to me) but it gets even better! After you buy a deal, you'll get ANOTHER unique link to share! If any of your friends buy the deal on Heartsy, using the link you shared, you and your friend each get $5 to spend in the future! That's a pretty nice referral plan!

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