Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Green Bride Guide

Kate L. Harrison, author of The Green Bride Guide has said, about her own wedding, " I think certain members of my family expected to show up and be forced to eat granola for three days and dance barefoot under the moon. While there was some granola, and lots of dancing, they were surprised and delighted to see that a green wedding can be (and often is) just like a traditional wedding in every way but one - it has less impact on the environment." 

I absolutely loved reading that because, I admit, I would kind of think the same way. I have never been to a Green Wedding, but I know plenty of people now - that if they were to get married again - would probably go this route. Eco-Friendly, Organic, whatever you want to call it the result is pretty much the same - you are making a difference!

If you are planning on having a totally Green wedding, or even just incorporating some Green ideas into your wedding, you are going to need to have a resource book. You will get this in The Green Bride Guide - and although you can buy this book from Amazon, if you purchase direct, Kate ships in a recycled paper mailer with vintage stamps! This book is a comprehensive, easy-to-access resource for anyone interested in planning a green wedding - the book is also just one resource because Kate also has a great website by the same name.
Chapters in the book include: Engagement, Location, The Eco-Chic Bride, Greening the Groom and Bridal Party, Green Save-the-Dates, Invitations & Wedding Websites, Sustainable Flowers, Transportation, etc. 
I found this site and decided to use it as my stepping stone for learning more about Green Weddings because Kate and her company really walk the walk! You start reading about her company and you find information like: this book was printed on FSC certified recycled paper which saved 142 trees! (It also save 99 million BTUs, 51,862 gallons of water, 12,495 lbs of greenhouse gases and 6,660 pounds of solid waste...but since I am still green at being green...I am not sure what all those numbers mean)!


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